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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cleaner Referral Agency?

Domestic worker Referral Agencies register independent cleaners and provide household referral services to clients. The independent cleaners make their own choices about when and where they want jobs.

What are the benefits of using a Cleaner Referral Agency?

Sacramento Green Clean domestic workers offer a wide range of services at competitive rates. We cater to our clients’ schedules by offering flexibility in both scheduling and services received. You may ask for a different cleaner at any time. We offer peace of mind by verifying legal authorization to work in the United Sates.  If a potential cleaner does not have a solid work history they are not placed on our registry Period.

We are a service that genuinely cares about your experience! We try hard every single day to ensure our client’s satisfaction. You will receive a follow up email after your cleaning wanting an honest an assessment of how your service went. We always have open ears to listen to positive and on occasion, negative feedback our customers want to share.  We take our client’s comments to heart and use them to continually improve the referral service we provide. We want to know! 

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my cleaning service?

If you need to reschedule or cancel your service please notify our office “two-business days” prior to your date of service. There is a $30.00 fee for cancellation of service without “two-business days” notice.

Do I have to be there to let the cleaner in?

This is up to you and your time schedule. If you are unable to meet the cleaner many different arrangements can be made. We suggest that once you have established a regular service, you and the cleaner decide together the best arrangement for your specific situation.

Can I get the same cleaner every time?

If you like the cleaner and decide to set up regular service it can be arranged based on the cleaner’s availability.

How will the cleaner know what I want done?

Because client needs vary, you can provide the cleaner with a “Cleaning Priority List”. You may also say you want your entire home cleaned or you want your home deep cleaned. You decide what you need! This is an excellent way to communicate your particular needs.

Can I request cleaning service on an occasional basis?

Yes! Even though most clients schedule service on a regular basis, we also provide service on request.

What if I am not happy with the cleaner you refer?

If you are not happy, for any reason, we will refer a different cleaner on your next service who better meets your needs. It is important to Sacramento Green Clean that you are a satisfied client.

When and how do I pay for the service?

Payment is due at the conclusion of service. Sacramento Green Clean prefers  Apple Pay, or Venmo (Sacramento Green-Clean). We also accept PayPal and credit cards with an additional 3% fee that the card companies charge us. Regular reoccurring service customers may choose to set up online bill pay through your financial institution.
One time cleanings require a credit card on file. The number and information are safely stored on Square’s encrypted platform. After service, we charge the card if payment is not received.
If you have any questions about the different payment options please give the office a call.

Should I tip the cleaner?

Tips are always appreciated, but not required ~ you decide!

Who is responsible for breakage of my property?

The cleaner is responsible for property damages which occur as a result of their actions.

What if I think something is missing?

In the rare event that you think something is missing, you may decide to file a police report and Sacramento Green Clean will cooperate fully in any investigation. While many companies advertise that their cleaners are bonded, most clients are unaware that theft bonding only pays upon conviction.

Do you have Gift Certificates available?

Yes! Please call the office for more information.